Current Recovery Actions:


Business Recovery

Following a disaster in San Luis Obispo County, information will be posted to assist affected business in the recovery process.



Rebuilding Information 

As the community recovers following a disaster, it will be a priority to help those who have lost their homes with the rebuilding process.


Debris Removal

View Debris Removal page.

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If a disaster in San Luis Obispo County results in residents unable to inhabit their homes, resources on temporary housing and rebuilding will be provided.

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Public Health and Safety

Following a disaster, this page will be updated with information regarding public health and safety such as public health, behavioral health, environmental health, and mental health.


Returning Home

You should not return home following an emergency unless told to do so by emergency officials. Take caution even when told it is safe to return home.

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Property Tax & Assessment

Following an emergency in San Luis Obispo County, property owners who suffered damages may be eligible for property tax and assessment relief through the Assessor’s Office.


Financial Assistance

Following a disaster, financial assistance may be available to those who have been displaced or lost their homes. The availability of financial assistance for the public following a disaster will be determined by many factors.

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