COMING SOON: SLO County residents can soon find local appointments to get their free COVID-19 vaccines on Everyone in the County’s vaccine registry prior to the transition will be given a chance to make a vaccine appointment before the registry closes. The County Public Health Department is testing the State’s My Turn appointment system for quick and easy scheduling as access to vaccines becomes more widely available. The County will transition from its local vaccine appointment registry to My Turn on April 21 for all future appointments.

Vaccine Registration

Sign up for our vaccine registry to get a first-dose appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine at one of the County of San Luis Obispo’s three public vaccine clinics.

Because vaccine supply is limited, not everyone who signs up will get an appointment right away. But don’t worry; it’s worth the wait and you will remain in the registry until you get an appointment or withdraw yourself.  
Please sign up only once for this registry. Multiple entries are not allowed and will not increase your chances of getting an appointment. 
Need your second dose? If you have already received your first dose, please do not sign up for this registry. Instead use our second dose date calculator to find out when you should schedule your second dose. If you got your first dose from the County Public Health Department, we have your contact information and will notify you when you can make your second-dose appointment.  


All registry participants must be currently eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in San Luis Obispo County. By filling out this form, you attest that you are eligible to receive a vaccine at this time. 
When you register below, please indicate all the days and times of day you are available to get a vaccine. We cannot guarantee that your appointment will match your availability, but we will do our best to provide you with an appointment based on your choices below. Then as new appointments become available, we will randomly select names within eligible groups from our registry to fill those slots.

Select your preferred location for getting vaccinated and how you would prefer to get notified of your appointment. NOTE: If you need to register another person for the same date, time, and location as yourself, that person must be eligible to get a vaccine. The second person will be turned away if they are not currently eligible. Please double check online to see who we are currently vaccinated based on eligibility.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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