Please report your damages

The County Office of Emergency Services is collecting damage information from private property owners to understand the extent of the damages caused by the March 2023 storms. 

Report Damages


Frequently Asked Questions

If I did not have damages previously but do now, can I apply for FEMA assistance? 
Unfortunately FEMA assistance at this time is only available for people who sustained damages during the January 2023 storms.  
If I sustained damages in the January storms and again now, can that be included on my existing FEMA application? 
No, only damages from the earlier storms can be included in your application. 
Is FEMA funding available for this storm? 
Not at this time. The only funding available is from the January storms.  
Is the County trying to get funding assistance for the March storms?  
The County will go through the same process with the state and FEMA as in January.  It is very difficult to obtain Individual Assistance, so damages from the March storms may not be covered.