Vaccine Resources for Healthcare Providers

Every health care provider can play a critical role in helping to end this pandemic, and the County of SLO Public Health Department has dedicated resources to support you.

 Example Roles for Providers

Administer COVID-19 Vaccine

To receive State doses, local providers, medical groups, health systems, multi-county entities, pharmacies, and HRSA community health centers will enroll in myCAvax. Your application will be reviewed and verified by CDPH prior to approval. There are grant funds available to help offset costs through CalVaxGrant. 

How We Can Help

SLO Public Health can provide an in-person enrollment coach, if needed, to walk you through each step of the myCAvax enrollment process. We can also provide your clinic with technical assistance and staff training on vaccine storage and handling.

Contact Jennifer Shay if you would like our free, expert assistance.


Key Resources 

CalVaxGrant: Find out if you are eligible for $11,000 in funds! Application opens July 12, 2021 and closes August 13, 2021. Funding is first-come, first-served basis, so don’t delay. Visit more information. 

The Before You Enroll fact sheet provides an overview of what is required to become a provider of COVID-19 vaccine. When you’re ready, complete the Provider Enrollment Worksheet (gather required data before logging in). Visit the California COVID-19 Vaccination Program and Network for all enrollment requirements, forms, and resources to administer COVID-19 vaccines to your patients. 

Questions about reimbursement for COVID-19 vaccine administration? See the CMA’s COVID-19 VACCINE TOOLKIT FOR MEDICAL PRACTICES, and visit the CMA COVID page for more information. 

Improve Vaccine Knowledge and Uptake Among Your Staff 

Healthcare personnel of all types can have a powerful influence on their families and communities, which is why it’s critical that they are well-informed about COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccine confidence and uptake among your staff is also important for the health of your patients, coworkers, and community. The following communication resources are specifically designed for engaging health care personnel.

How We Can Help

SLO Public Health is available to come to your office to discuss COVID-19 vaccines with your staff and to answer their questions in a friendly and non-judgmental way. We can also provide you with print materials, such as posters and handouts (see below). Contact Jennifer Shay if you would like our free assistance.


Communication Tools from the CDC 

COVID-19 Vaccine Communication and Confidence Checklist: Summarizes all the communication resources and toolkits available from the CDC to engage staff.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Conversation Starter: Tips and key messages to engage health facility/clinic staff at different levels to identify practical ways to promote vaccine confidence and support high vaccine uptake.

COVID-19 Vaccine Basics: What Healthcare Personnel Need to Know. This presentation educates healthcare personnel about basics of COVID-19 vaccines, what to expect if they get vaccinated, how the safety of vaccines is monitored, and the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination.

Building Vaccine Confidence in Health Systems and Clinics: Tips for Immunization/Vaccine Coordinators. This presentation focuses on what immunization coordinators can do to build vaccine confidence within their health system or clinic. Information about COVID-19 vaccines, safety monitoring, and elements of vaccine confidence is also presented.

COVID-19 Vaccines: How Do We Know They Are Safe: Video from HHS demonstrating that millions of people in the US have received COVID-19 vaccines, and these vaccines have undergone the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history.

Digital and Print Communication Resources

These digital and print communication resources can be printed and posted in health facility common areas and other employee locations to foster conversation and make vaccination information visible.

Printable stickers for staff to wear once they’ve received their COVID-19 vaccine. Compatible with full-sheet sticker paper or standard precut 1 2/3” labels. View and Download COVID-19 Vaccine Stickers (also available in Spanish)

Talk to Your Patients about COVID-19 Vaccination

Health care providers play a critical role in helping your patients understand the importance of COVID-19 vaccination and assuring them that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. 

Your strong recommendation is critical for vaccine acceptance. Your answers to their questions matter and will help them make an informed decision about getting a COVID-19 vaccination.   

How We Can Help 

SLO Public Health can provide you with print patient handouts and posters for your clinic. Contact Jennifer Shay if you would like our free assistance.  

Host a Pop-Up Clinic for Your Patients

Our mobile vaccine unit can come directly to you to administer vaccines to up to 200 patients. Visit for more information.

Help Spread the Word

Sharing your own personal thoughts and experience with the COVID-19 vaccine is impactful for the people in your care and the community as a whole. Speak at community events or engage the local media and encourage other physicians to do so as well.

Include one of our video PSAs about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines or what to expect at your vaccine appointment in your next newsletter. Offer to answer questions about the vaccines, or direct them to our FAQ page at

How We Can Help

SLO Public Health has ready-made social media posts from, or let us know what tailored content we can make for your messaging channels.  Contact Jennifer Shay if you would like our free assistance.